Unsolved Solved Mystery

I had a small rooftop gathering last weekend to celebrate the start of summer. My friends Jeff and Kristan made an eleventh hour appearence. When I offered them a drink, Jeff opted for a beer, Kristan opted for water.

I got Kristan a fresh glass, tossed in some ice cubes, and poured her some chilled water from one of my numerous Gatorade bottles. She took a sip, then gagged.

“This isn’t water,” she said. “It’s vodka.”

I took a sip. “Sure enough,” I said. ” Who on earth would think that’s funny?”

I’d long since forgotten about it, until Torrie solved the mystery today. Ends up Jonathan was her accomplace (his waged will be summarily garnisheed).

She wrote…

I’m at your party, and as I’m sure you remember, it was HOT- so I go to your fridge to get some water and I notice that you have Gatorade. So, I’m like Gatorade would be quite refreshing right now. So, I fill a nice big cup with Gatorade and I take a sip and it’s WATER. So, I dump it out and see that there are other completely filled bottles of “Gatorade”, so I pour another glass and it’s WATER AGAIN.

So I go up to the roof deck and I’m telling Goldner and Jordan my story and I’m all “Wouldn’t it be funny if I went to the store, bought some actual Gatorade and put it in one of the bottles?” and Goldner was all “It would be funnier if it was Vodka”

So Goldner says to you “Do you have any Vodka?” and you say “Sure, I have a ton of it in the freezer” so Goldner and I give each other a knowing glance and we head downstairs. Jordan followed us with the camera. We swore everyone who witnessed it to secrecy. And the rest is history.

You have no idea what I would have given to be a fly on the wall when you came back from a run and took a big swig.

I’m sorry you had to be the victim, but you have to admit it’s pretty funny.

She also sent some pics, the evidence, as it were.

I admit it. It’s pretty funny.

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