(Not So) Kool Thing

Figures that I’m dressed like some West Palm real estate agent the day I ride the elevator with Thurston Moore.

Not like I would have said anything, or foisted a CD on him or anything. Still, you don’t wanna look like a total tool bag when the Godfather of Alternative Rock is in the house. All I did was confirm his assumption that MTV is just a bunch of suits. Which it isn’t. It’s more like high school. With sport coats.

Anyway, things are ok. Not much to report. Work had me turned inside out on Monday, so much so that my boss said, “Do you have a vacation planned any time soon?” I do. Abbi and I are going to Bonaire in four short weeks. Which is kind of cool.

We ran this morning. It was gorgeous out. It’s been beautiful here all week (“awfully beautiful,” I think I said). The sky is a shade of blue that only spring brings. In another few weeks, heat and pollution will turn it brown. For now, it’s gorgeous. And the trees are super green. And everything feels clean and new. It’s nice.

Otherwise, not doing anything exciting planned this weekend. Gonna run, and ride. Maybe take the Q to Coney Island. And hopefully see some movies. That’s all.

There are a few other things to look forward to. We’re going to have some Wagner critical mass in NYC in a few weeks when my cousin Luke returns from Bhutan. His parents’ll be here. And his brother Andrew (keyboard player for World Leader Pretend). Of course, my brother, Jen and Ethan will be here. And my dad and his wife. So we’re gonna have a BBQ on my deck.

Oh, and Ethan turns three-years-old in a few weeks. Yipee!

I’m having a Summer Solstice Party on my deck June 23. (Email me if you didn’t get the invite; you should have.) Um…

Then Bonaire, then the MTV Video Music Awards, then Nantucket (and my thirty-fifth birthday), then the Ireland tour (maybe maybe maybe), and the NYC Marathon…

I know, boring post. I got nothing today. Sorry.

What did you expect? I’m wearing a white Lacoste and a navy blazer, for God’s sake.

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