Electron Blue

Funny how quickly things change. And for no apparent reason.

Maybe it was work. I had a couple of cool meeting, which in itself is oxymoronic. But I did. One of ’em was with a really cool dude from New Line (home of one of my favorite films, “Magnolia,” one of my soon-to-be favorite films, “Snakes On A Plane”).

I was freestylin’ on The MTV: our “come from,” our strengths, our audience. I heard myself sounding wicked corporate, but I sounded like I knew what I was talking about, which always surprises me. More importantly, though, I sounded like I gave a shit, like I’m passionate. Which I am. But, surrounded as I am by cynics and smart-asses, it’s a relief that I sound like neither. Plus the dude was cool. Plus we were at The W (beer with a meeting — yeah!). Plus he’s in charge of the “Snakes On A Plane” soundtrack contest Robert, Rich and I have been working on. Shoe in!

Afterwards, I hopped the F down to The LES. Gotta get paid, yo, gotta get paid. I stepped into Pianos, found my mark, and snagged my bread. They’d missed at least ten people in the audience, and taken a healthy cut, but whatever. I got paid. More importantly, Chris and Tony got paid.

I had a beer at the bar and read “Down And Dirty Pictures,” then headed west to the NR. I looked up as I crossed Allen and was bowled away by the color of the sky. It was a deep, fierce, electron blue. Crazy beautiful.

And I though right then and there, ‘Well, everything’s ok.’

And it was. And it is.

I guess it’s all in how you look at it.

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