The wind was terrible and swift last night. The walls buckled and swayed. The rainspout slammed against the stucco. The window panes threatened to pop from their frames.

It was another long, cold, sleepless night. My apartment felt haunted.

I mixed “Carmelita.” I listened to it over and over for two hours straight before committing to a final version. I have no idea what it sounds like. Pretty cool, I hope.

Tonight, I have to track final vocals guitars for “Flirting With Disaster,” “Angels in the Atmosphere,” and “Rainmaker,” then mix them all. It’s a lot to do.

A week from tonight, I’m flying to Syracuse to teach two classes and lead an open forum at my alma mater. I have a ton of homework yet to do.

I have jury duty the following Monday, rehearsal Thursday, and the “Desert Star EP” CD release on Friday night.

I’m freakin’ out.

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