Into The Great Wide Open

My friends are the best.

They’re the kinda guys who’ll willingly sacrifice the first 60° Saturday afternoon of the young year to lay down a few rockin’ tracks. And afterwards, they’ll gladly down a few pints and hot wings at the local dive bar.

Chris and Tony came over to record today. In four hours, they’d both tracked some great additions to “The Desert Star EP.”

Tony drove thirty miles. Chris was recovering from a recently broken nose, all black, blue and groggy. Tony put down bass lines on all five songs. Chris tracked rhythm parts, and a few blistering solos. Both rocked.

It’s pretty exciting to hear these songs come together. They were just a jumble of ideas when I wrote ’em in the desert a few weeks ago. Now they’re songs.

I’ll mix them down in the next few days, then hand off to Mark over at The Engine Room. The five song EP — with a great cover of Wilco’s “California Stars” — will be done for our March 31 show at Pianos. I can’t wait to hear ’em live. It’ll be the sound of friendship, only amplified.

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