The Desert Star

Get this: I’m working on a new record.

Rediculous, right? I released “Heartland” just four months ago. I released “The Rivington Sessions” just four months prior to that. Quarterly new releases? What the heck.

You’ve probably read a little about this new project before. I was in Los Angeles last month for The Grammy Awards. No, no, no, not to win one, or to be nominated. I mean, I walked the red carpet, but twenty-four hours prior to Kanye, Christina and all the rest.

Yeah, I was workin’. But I had a free weekend. So I drove to Palm Springs to write and record some new material. It was some kind of challenge, I guess, to see if I gave myself a finite amount of time (foty-eight hours) to complete a task (write and record five songs). I guess I figured the desert would be inspiring. And it was. Big time.

I wrote five songs that weekend, and two more in L.A. So I brought the rough tracks home, listened to ’em a while, finished up some lyrics, then invited the guys over to add some sounds. Drummer Ryan Vaughn came over today. Bassist Tony Macelli is coming over on Wednesday. And guitarist Chris Abad is coming next weekend.

It’s a full-band record, but not quite a rock record. (At least not yet.) I wanted to make an acoustic record, something real organic sounding. Something mellow. Primarily cuz that’s what I was feeling there. The weekend was an oasis amidst a storm of chaos, and I think that’ll be reflected in the songs.

1- Flirting With Disaster
2- Angels In The Atmosphere
3- Carmelita
4- Rainmaker
5- California Stars

I’m calling it “The Desert Star,” which also happens to be the name of the wicked-cool mid-century motel at which I stayed. It’ll be done by the end of the month, come hell or high water. Cuz I’m releasing it at my Pianos gig on Friday, March 31 at 9pm.

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