Flirting With Disaster

I walked out of my apartment building today in a navy sport coat, navy sweater, purple shirt, army pants and sneakers. Two dudes dressed head to toe in Carhart work clothes were drinking coffee and smoking on the corner. They looked at me like, ‘You’re gonna wear that!?!’

It was one of those days. I knew I looked mis-matched: all business up top, all play down below. But the day was all business, and relentlessly so. It’s 9:30, and I just got home, if that tells ya anything.

I dreampt last night that I was in Nantucket. There were high rise hotels everywhere, aweful Cancun-type things. But I wasmoving too fast. I was in the back of a car, and all of this beautiful scenery was passing by me.

My suit bag made it upstairs this morning, though I haven’t unpacked it yet. Which is unfortunate as I have to pack it again. I’m flying to Honduras on Sunday. Not that I need to pack much more than my scuba stuff and some swim trunks.

I ran the dishwasher this morning with Tide instead of Cascade. Seems to have worked ok. I mean, beer tastes the same in the pint glasses (though there are some strange water marks).

Gotta go. Sushi’s here.

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