I woke up this morning with crushing pain just above my heart.

My first thought was heart attack. My second thought was pulled muscle. My third thought was pleurisy.

I’ve been checking out quite a few podcasts of late, primarily because MTV News is charging into new platforms, but secondarily because I’ve always been a PBS mind in an MTV world, and I like to listen. MTV News launched last week (and is already in the top ten). PBS’ “On The Media” is great (I’ve listened to it on air for years; now I can listen whenever I want). And I love Elvis Mitchell’s “The Treatment.”

This morning I listened to Elvis’ interview with “Walk The Line” writer/director James Mangold. I haven’t seen the film, but I know a little something about Johnny Cash. Mangold does too.

“John was always someone fascinated by honesty,” he said. “We almost get dulled in our work in a haze of bullshit, especially in show business… And someone like John was always attracted to the real word.”

Me too. And right now, my heart hurts. Honestly. That’s the real word.

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