Can’t Explain

I stepped out of my office building and though, ‘Oh yeah, they called for rain tonight.’

Sure enough, rain was falling. Times Square was soaked. The sidewalks were choked with tourists. Garish lights reflected and collided on every surface. I dipped into my messenger bag and extracted a cheap umbrella. It’s shoddy wire skeleton was partially collapsed, but shielded me from the cool drizzle.

I reached into my coat’s breast pocket, pulled out my iPod, and presses shuffle.

Ryan Adam’s “Avalanche” sounded through my headphones, all slow, sad piano and melancholy vocals. It matched my mood, and the scene, perfectly.

I pressed fast forward.

Bam! Electric guitars, a wall of ’em. Boom! A big, sloppy drum fill.

The song was Spymob’s “It Get’s Me Going.”

I slipped my Ipod into my pocket, and continued on toward the subway.

‘Hmmm,’ I thought. ‘Maybe it’s just a choice.’

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