Lighten Up

This is a holiday I can rally around.

I’m not much for Christmas. I mean, I’m down with JC and all, but I’m not crazy about all the commerce. Or the good tidings. If one more person said “Merry Christmas,” I might’ve slugged ’em.

Of course, seeing Christmas through Ethan’s eyes helped. Chris and Jen reports that he woke up at six o’clock, plugged in the tree, then jumped on their bed and shouted, “Santa came! Santa came!” By the time I saw him, he was beside himself with anticipation over the packages under the tree. “Open toys! Open toys!” (I got him coloring books, crayons, markers, a black cowboy hat, and a stuffed Grover.)

But New Year’s is a holiday I can rally around.

We jogged over to 72d Street for the NYRRC’s Midnight Run. Some might find a four mile run through Central Park in the middle of the night in thirty degree weather to be unwise at best. But the fireworks are really excellent. And I say turning to a beatiful woman and planting a kiss on her is about the best way to celebrate a holiday ever.

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