I may have dreamt the whole thing. I’m not really sure.

Oh wait, there’s photographic evidence.

Ok, so it’s true. I was in Palm Beach, Florida, this weekend. Yes, it was mostly-sunny and 80° the entire time. And yes, I left my laptop, Blackberry, and guitar at home, and no, I didn’t listen to my iPod once.

I would say it was a “recharge the batteries” type situation, except that my batteries were so depleted that it was more of a “begin to recharge the batteries situation.” I’m pretty sure I’ve expectorated most of the poison, karmic and otherwise, that I’ve accrued over the last few months. My head’s clearer, but it’s definitely not clear. My mood’s improved, but I’m definitely not in a good mood.

The highlight — in terms of finding some clarity, anyway — came Sunday morning when Abbi motivated me to go on my first decent run of Q4. She endured a solid thirty minutes of monologue in which I brainstormed how I’m going to approach music in ’06 and beyond. As we sprinted up the driveway and I slipped into the pool, I turned to her and said, “I’m glad we had this talk.” She’s a good sport. She laughed.

Otherwise, I slept a lot. I mean, I slept a ton. Like, ten hours a night with naps in-between. I didn’t read anything of substance, just newspapers and magazines. I didn’t watch any television. No media whatsoever (except radio, where Nickelback’s “Photograph” is apparently in constant rotation). And not a ton of beer, either. Nope. Not feelin’ the beer. Doesn’t go so well with the TheraFlu.

So, got back late last night, just in time to tune into NY1 and find out that the MTA and the TWU couldn’t work it out. So I walked sixty blocks in a thirteen degree wind chill this morning, wearing nothing but a sport coat and a scarf. Happy Holidays!


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