This Moment

Josh Davis just saved my life.

Well, my voice, anyway.

A week on the road in the bitter, bone-dry cold of the Midwest has been brutal on my voice. Radio interviews and a rock show a day add up to one sore throat.

So I’m in Des Moines right now. I’m backstage at this amazing venue called the Hoyt Sherman Place. It’s a gorgeous old 1200-seat auditorium that looks far more Parisian than Iowan. I’m performing in a few hours with most of the Authentic Records roster: The Nadas, Towncrier, Josh Davis Band, and Jason Levasseur. Everyone’s buzzing around backstage. I’m sitting here drinking tea and sucking on Halls, courtesy of Josh.

The “Better Than That Tour” returns to NYC this Tuesday night (December 6), when my band and I perform at Fat Baby, a cool new rock club on the LES. The show begins nice and early. Which at this very moment, is kind of a relief.

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