Sick Of Myself

This is how sick I am.

I released “Heartland” last week. I released “The Rivington Sessions EP” in July. I released “February 25, 2005” in, well, February. I released “Love & Other Indoor Games” exactly one year ago today.

And yet. And yet, and yet, and yet…

And yet there I was stepping onto the subway this morning when the title of my next CD popped into my head.

So, get this. I’ve played one show in support of “Heartland” and already I’m thinking about my next CD! I spoke with both Andrew and Matt of World Leader Pretend about it THE DAY AFTER I RELEASED “HEARTLAND”!!! I told them I wanted to record it with them in Chicago, and that I wanted it to be simple and acoustic. And yesterday, I told Nadas frontman and Authentic Records CEO Jason Walsmith via IM that a) it would be minimalist b) it would be released before November ’06 and c) it would be on Authentic. (He agreed to all.)

No, I’m not going to tell you my title idea. I’ll spare you in the event it doesn’t stick. (Heck, I didn’t think “Heartland” would stick). But it’s perfect, and fits into the catalogue, and my general career arch.

Which prompts the question, “What career arch?” And makes the preceding six paragraphs kinda hilarious.

Why bother, right? Don’t get me wrong. I’m grateful for you, my 500+ readers. And those of you in Team Heartland. And everyone who has purchased “Heartland” (if you haven’t yet, it’s only one little click away). Big time. But it’s not like a whole bunch of people are waiting around with baited breath. I could stop making records and almost no one would notice.

Except me. I’d totally lose my shit. Crazy as the last month has been (and it has been crazy; I’ve only shared the half of it), I love making records. I love how a fist full of songs can encapsulate a year. I love collaborating with other musicians. I love album art and liner notes. And I love being busy.

So… so I have a potential title for my next album. My eleventh. And you’ll dig it, trust me. And you’ll dig how it sounds. Especially those of you (Hello, mom and dad!) who say I should play quieter stuff.

But there’s plenty to do first. Like tour in support of “Heartland.” As you are no doubt aware, I fly to Iowa on Tuesday morning (11/29), and play with The Nadas Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, then solo on Saturday. I’m back with my band in New York at a cool new venue called Fat Baby on Tuesday night (12/6).

It’s a whirlwind. I like it that way.

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