Just Read Your Blog…

This just in from my Smith Family cousin/brother Scott Cunningham, who overcame a slew of injuries to finish his first New York City Marathon in an astonishing 4:10:51.

Buck up Wagner! You ran in the top half of all finishers! And only 1 of 3 that recorded music during the training period (ok, that I know of anyway: me, you and Vanessa Carlton, and she has money for trainers and no day job! And actually no album release… so screw her now that I think of it!)

4:30:49 ain’t no joke brother!

Lance Armstrong doesn’t release albums. Bob Dylan ain’t no marathoner. You got ’em both covered and you’re a Music Media Exec at the same time!

Half of what got me into this crazy thing in the first place was trying to chase you! Don’t bring it down now. It’s unattractive to the ladies.

In fact, I just spent the last few days looking at doing the NYC Tri! See what you’ve started?

Keep inspiring brother!

Thanks to Scotty, and all of you who’ve sent your kindness my way.

It’s working.

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