Wine Me Up

Wow, what a day. And it’s barely even lunch time.

I knew this week was gonna be a doozy, what with two shows, The Nadas in my living room, the marathon in a week, and my record release in two. So I’m not surprised. But it is a little ridiculous.

6:30 – Wake up, check email
7:00 – Work out with trainer
8:00 – Run
8:45 – Work (from home)
10:31 – Catch crosstown bus
11:00 – Dr, Klion checks out my neck. “No, you don’t have a brain tumor. But you are going to need to stretch your trapezius.”
11:21 – Take the 4/5 to 59th Street, transfer to N/R
11:38 – Join “Harry Potter” meeting-in-progress
12:02 – Join Podcasting meeting-in-progress
12:43 – Sit down at desk
12:44 – Join “Walk The Line” teleconference in progress (When introduced by my L.A. colleague as “senior producer,” I interject, “Executive, baby.” Fortunately, everyone laughs; they are in L.A. after all.)
1:55 – Authorize remix/re-master of “Heartland” (for a cool $2000 — more on that later)

It’s now two o’clock on the nose. I have rehearsal with The Smith Family at 7:00. We soundcheck at Rodeo at 8:30. We go on at 9:30. The Nadas follow immediately after.

There is an outside chance that I will be passing out in the bathroom at some point thereafter.

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