If you miss Monday’s Rockwood show, well, then too bad for you. We’ve got a ton of goodness up our collective sleeve.

Nadas Mike, Jason, and Will arrived Friday. I’ve missed them most of the weekend on account of a wedding (not mine), and my last training run before the marathon. I rolled in this afternoon and stole them away to The Dead Poet, my favorite neighborhood bar, for beer and wings.

Tony and Chris showed up to rehearse around sundown, so we ran the set, all of us: members of Dough, The Nadas, and me. Monday’s show might not be perfect, but it’s gonna be fun. I recorded some of our rehearsal. Check out our cover of Matthew Sweet’s “Girlfriend.”

So now I’ve got about eight beers, two dozen hot wings, and a few plates of Vietnamese in my stomache. Guitars, keyboards, and laptops are strewn all over the floor. We’re watching ‘Star Wars.’

It might not seem like much, but it might be as good as it gets.

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