Thank You

Team work’s an excellent thing.

A few weeks ago, I was struggling to finish an 18-mile race. My running partner pulled me through. Today, she was struggling to finish a thirteen miler. I puller her through.

And that’s it, really, isn’t it? Being there. That’s half the battle. The rest comes around.

I was born in Iowa City, IA, but my entire family — The Bolsters and The Wagners — are from Waterloo. Now, as many people live in my neighborhood as live in all of Iowa. It’s small, but it’s home. And apparently, they know teammwork well.

Example. A guy in Waterloo — let’s call him Brian — finds my website (with an assist from The Nadas). He downloads a few songs. One in particular, “Me, Myself & I” — a toss-off that I’d written, recorded, and posted in about fifteen minutes — strikes his fancy. He shares it with some friends at his local bar. The friends dig it. They download some more, and add ’em all to the jukebox.

A few months later, these fellas see my Team Heartland project online. They read that I’m funding my new record in exchange for some perks: signed CDs, liner note credits, and — if the price is right — a private concert. They scrape together the $500. And on December 3, I’ll be rockin’ their private party. Back home in Waterloo, IA. Excellent.

There are a dozen similar examples, and I’m grateful for them all.

The new album, “Heartland,” is being mastered this week. I’m sending it out for duplication on Wednesday. So it’s not too late to chip in your contribution, get your name in the liner notes, get a few signed CDs, and — if the price is right — get your own private concert.

Meanwhile, thanks to these teammates, and friends. Thanks for being there. It’ll come around.

Mary Bolster
Brian & Roxane Bolster
Linda Shortman
Mary Warren
Ron & Jodi Lieber
Sara Butterworth
Tricia Martin
Mary Gray
Cheryl Cook
Erin Hines
Laura Smith
Melissa Ecker
Rob & Claudine Perreault
Brian, Craig, Justin, and Smitty’s Bar

See ya’ll back home in Waterloo soon. And thanks.

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