Tunnel Vision

Ethan is obsessed with tunnels.

Last month, Chris found a set of dominos in the cottage in Nantucket. Ethan insisted all weekend long that he build tunnels for his Matchbox cars.

When Andrew and I visited him at Chris and Jen’s on Wednesday night, a pile of cardboard bricks towered over him. He toppled then, pointed and said, "Tunnel!"

Just last night we were coloring yesterday and he kept giggling and saying "Tunnel! Tunnel!"

I’m not quite sure where or when my nephew picked up this interest. And I’m not quite sure why. But I think I began to get an inkling while driving along the 79th Street Transverse tonight.

Tunnels are dark in the middle, but light on either end. Objects disappear, then re-appear on the other side.

So I was thinking tonight, maybe he’s just learning about faith. Maybe he’s figuring out that which is seen and not, that which disappears, but returns. Maybe he’s demonstrating to himself that there is light at the end.

Or maybe he just likes cars.

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