Sweet Relief

When the Twin Towers were toppled in 2001, I — like the rest of us — stood partially paralyzed by the enormity of the disaster.

I had met Mr. Rogers just a few days prior. And so, pacing the length of my apartment wondering what to do to try and make things a little bit better, I asked myself, ‘What would Mr. Rogers do?’

A week later, I released a benefit CD, and two weeks later I performed a benefit show. Did I send oodles of money to the Red Cross? Not really. About a grand. Did I make things a little bit better? I hope so.

This morning, as I started my day with NPR, partially paralyzed by the enormity of the Hurricane Katrina disaster, I asked myself again: ‘What would Mr. Rogers do?’ And I came up with this:

Make a donation — any donation — for access to a download an MP3 of my cover of an song called, “Biloxi,” and I will match your donation, and send our sum total to the Red Cross. Meanwhile, you’ll be listening to a really beautiful song that I recorded just this morning. And we’ll be making things just a little bit better… together.

UPDATE: We’ve raised over $500 In less than 24 hours. Thank you. Keep it comin’!

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