What Sarah Said

I get some text messages now and again, but they’re neither funny nor provocative. I’m a little old school with the whole typing on the phone thing anyway. It’s kind of annoying.

Email, though? Lifeblood of The MTV, and fun part of doin’ this site. So, with a nod to Sara B, here’s a bunch of randomized excerpts from today’s email outbox.

Yeah! I’m gonna’ cook for ya’ on my deck. Then the three three of us are going to make sweet, sweet love beneath the glow of moonlight in my rooftop bedroom. Well, dinner anyway.

I fight tooth and nail to retain integrity, to the degree that sometimes I think people roll their eyes. One of my favorite quotes to that end is from “Broadcast News,” which like “Network” was eerily prescient: “How am I s’posed to know where the line is? They keep moving the little bugger.” That said, this is New York, and we are capitalists.

No prob. We’ll make it so.

Oh my god you saw them kiss!?!

Thanks would love to totally crazed at work and have dinner guests from out of town tonight and to make matters worse I have some sort of crippling lung virus. Ugh. Thanks for the invite. See you soon! :)

Sure: MOPR014

The Commissioner is patient, and grateful. She hopes to deploy final assets Mon/Tue next week. She urges you to remember that simple is fine, and to remind you that She has complete confidence in your aesthetic judgement.

Dude, c’mon, there’s no way a relative of mine is a lousy kisser. If he is, tell me, and I’ll give him pointers. Not, like, literally, just verbally. ‘Cuz as far as i’m concerned, kissing comes first. Everything else is gravy.

I am not going to the doctor eight hours into mysterious back pain. Eight days maybe.

Strawberries and fireworks were very nice. :)~

I’ll call ya just as soon as a) it’s a decent hour and b) I get a minute where I’m not thinking about Jessica Simpson, or Jay-Z.

And my croup feels much better, thanks to Dr. Rob’s diagnosis (pleurisy) and prescription (ibuprofin).

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