So irresponsible.

I stopped into a music shop on Santa Monica Boulevard on the way home from work and bought an acoustic guitar.


It’s nothing special, but I didn’t exactly stick to my hundred dollar goal. Nope, I dropped a buck eighty. But I got a case out of the deal. And some picks. Plus, it’s a Takamine, like my favorite guitar from way back in college. Sort of. It’s Takamine’s cheaper stepchild: Jasmine.

Of course, I felt behooved to get my $180 worth, as if I could in one night. I wrote a little something, and even tried to record it into my cell phone so you could hear it. But it sounded really crappy (the recording, not the song). So my cell’s back to “Hey, this is Benjamin. Leave a message.”

Anyway, I did write a little something, a little something that sounds an awful lot like me trying to be Jeff Tweedy. Or me being trying to be me. Tought to tell some times.

All I want is a heart made of stone
To carry the weight, the shoulder the load
All I want is a head full of hope
To sleep through the day, to find my way home

Where you say that you need me
And the stars are hung out to greet me
And you swear you’ll never leave me
Leave me alone

And so it is: another day, another dollar, another song.

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