The Soft Bulletin

Geez, there’s so much to say, but not enough time to say it.

It’s 12:23 Monday morning. I have a car coming at 4:45, and a 7:00 flight to L.A. So I gotta’ be brief. Heck, I’m not even packed.

I’ve had better weekends. Which isn’t to say I didn’t do fun stuff and spend time with good people. I did. I’ve just felt more like myself. Whoever that is.

Anyway, I saw Aimee Mann perform Friday night. She was great. And Michael Penn is the luckiest singer/songwriter husband ever. Ron and I grabbed a burger at Burger Joint afterwards. We spotted Anthony Michael Hall — fresh from his MTV Movie Awards “Breakfast Club” reunion — waiting on an elevator.

Also, I discovered The Flaming Lips this weekend. (I’m so not a bleeding edger.) I wrote two songs (neither of ’em keepers, but still). I celebrated Ethan’s second birthday in Riverside Park. I hosted the second monthly songwriter’s gathering. And I did some reading, and lots of sleeping (but not enough).

What I didn’t do is pack for my trip. I’m in L.A. on business Monday through Thursday. Friday morning I fly to San Fran for a wedding. I’m taking the red eye home Sunday night. I get back Monday morning. I imagine a lot will happen between now and then. I’ll keep you posted.

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