Summer Song

So, it’s summer. Ya-hoooo.

Summer doesn’t mean much to me, as I’ve long since matriculated from summer vacation, camp, and kick the can with the neighborhood kids. Plus, news teams are exempted summer hours. So the days are longer and brighter, and there’s no snow to trudge through. That’s a bonus. But other than that?

Other than that, I’ll bust out the linen and seersucker. I’ll go to Stone Harbor, Montauk, and Nantucket. I’ll run some races, play some shows. I’ll make my new record in the midwest. But that’s about it.

Still, there are some things to look forward to.

Records: Coldplay, Foo Fighters
Movies: Batman, War of the Worlds
Books: A Long Way Down (Nick Hornby)

It ain’t rocket science, I know. But fall’s just around the corner. I’ll have plenty of time to get all introspective and shit then.

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