Rock Candy

When I say I played a blistering two hour set last night, I really mean it. My hands are shredded.

Because I don’t have enough else going on (launching MTV Overdrive, closing the chapter on The Smith Family, three solo shows, a new record, marathon training), I decided it was hight time to get back on The Cock. Cockfight, that is.

You’ll recall, perhaps, that Cockfight is the side project I started with two colleagues a) in an effort to get out my urge to perform the big, loud, fun dirgy, metalic rock that my shows lack (they’re big, loud and fun, but neither dirgy nor metalic) b) because I’ve always wanted to play drums and c) I wanted to be in a band where I wasn’t the front man. We performed at Siberia last spring and, though it was far from perfect (I would say we were a few inches from a train wreck), it was certainly a blast to pound away on the drums wearing running shorts, sneakers, sunglasses and a knit cap. (Big Rock is all about fashion, as far as I’m concerned.)

Anyway, we wanted to get the lead out, and get back on the horse, and see if we couldn’t whip ourselves into shape to perform again and potentially release an EP. And my schedule notwithstanding, I think we can. We re-learned out four originals pretty quickly, and were not short on new ideas. But here’s the downside: I’m not a drummer. So I have these pink little pads on my hands that blister and tear within just a few hours of drumming. My wrists aren’t use to that kind of jarring. I won’t even mention my ringing ears.

Afterwards, walking towards the 2/3 on 34th Street, I decided on a little bit of retail physical therapy to remedy my shredded hands. I bought a stiff, blue jean jacket. All the better to rock out in, me thinks. (And it reminds me of the one I owned in high school.)

I stopped through the corner store for a beer, and in an effort to not consume an entire pint of Ben & Jerrys at ten o’clock at night, picked up a few Good Humor ice cream bars (knowing full well that I would eat both). And I must say that Iwas dazzled with the product’s face lift. That is some packaging! Partnered with a Lean Cuisine peanut chicken dish and “Jerry McGuire” on DVD, well, let’s call it a Thursday. A big mutherf*ckin’ rock candy Thursday.

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