Won’t Get Fooled Again

I was switching between Trio’s “Flops 101: Lessons From The Biz” and MTV’s “Trippin'” tonight when I stumbled across a great ad.

I know, I know: Trio and “Trippin’.” What can I tell ya’? It’s Monday night. I needed to switch off the brain a little bit. Of course, ends up “Trippin'” is a pretty good show. I heard rumors for months that it was just some Cameron Diaz vanity project, but I gotta’ say, whatever her motivation, it’s a good show. It’s all about the environment and thinking global. What could be so wrong with that?

Anyway, so this ad was for some documentary a bunch of teenagers made. They basically took a video camera and hit the road. There were all these great extemporaneous shots: kids laughing, kids painting, kids dancing. Everything looked shabby, but well cut and stylish. The best scene was ripped straight from “Donnie Darko.” This kid was standing on the hood of his car way up high on a mountain with nothing but billowing, white clouds below.

And the whole ad had this great, ernest voice over. This kid was like, “We set out to make the greatest documentary ever. ‘Cuz sometimes, you just have to go outseide and look around.” Or something like that.

You know me. I’m a documentary fan. I work at a television network for young people. So I’m thinking, ‘I got see this thing. It looks great!’ And the kid in the voice over goes, “But you don’t have to wait for our film to blow up. All you have to do is open a bottle of ice cold Coca-Cola.”

Man, that really sucked.

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