A Simple Life – MP3

It occurs to me just now, sitting here at 9:58 p.m. listening to my new song, that this is the sound of sunshine streaming through my windows on a Sunday afternoon.

I started recording this fresh from Easter brunch with my mom, Chris, Jen and Ethan. I wasn’t inspired by anything specific, I just had a simple progression in my head gnawing its way out. The real breakthrough occurred when I started strumming an open D over everything. All of a sudden it sounded wide open.

The lyrics came last, and frankly, I’m not thrilled with ’em. If you have anything better, send it in. I swear I’ll give you co-songwriter credit.

Anyway, it’s really pretty. I can’t believe it’s mine. It makes me feel happy. 28 tracks — 10 guitars, 12 percussion, 6 vocals — of pure sunshine.


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