Milk & Honey – MP3

I was reading Guster’s studio diary the other day and thought, ‘Damn! They’ve got a bunch of great titles for their new album. Wish I’d thought of ’em first.’

See, sometimes a song starts with just a good title, or turn of phrase. My job, as a songwriter, is to be tuned into those good turns of phrases and to think, ‘Snap! Write that one down!’ Well, such a moment occurred this afternoon.

Now, I didn’t really know anything about the phrase “milk and honey,” so I did an iota of research. Ends up that, according to the Old Testament, God told the Jews that there was promise land of milk and honey. Which is pretty poetic. And pretty universal. I mean, who of us hasn’t imagined some sort of promised land? So, I’m not sure I did anything good with it, but at least I did something.

I was watching PBS this afternoon and this dude, his name way Dr. Wayne Dyer, said, “Don’t die with the music still in you.” Which I think may be my new motto. And may be the reason why I keep writing these songs and uploading ’em here. Anyway, dig it. And don’t die with the music still in you.


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