Live Forever

Listen, I’ll be honest with you. This is a pitch, straight up.

I spent the weekend remixing the live CD, “February 25, 2005.” It sounded great, and everyone who’s purchased it has been thrilled (my favorite email: “Jesus Christ you coulda warned a girl. Best thing I’ve heard in ages. Thank you — totally made a shitty Friday better.”). But I thought it could sound a little better.

So I widened the stereo pan, added a touch more reverb, and re-normalized it. Plus, I added two bonus tracks: “The One I Love” (the first song I ever learned on guitar), and a special performance of “Dear Elizabeth.”

Don’t fret if you already own “February 25, 2005.” I’m sending you new copies. But if you don’t own it, get on it. I only have a few left. They’re signed and numbered, and limited to 100 copies. So get your PayPal on, and before ya’ know it, I’ll be as good as in your living room. Here’s the track listing. Pretty cool, really.

Live Forever
St. Anne (Of The Silence)
Intent On St. Paul
Long Shot
Intro: Harder
Harder To Believe
A Shot In The Arm
Intro: Radio
Here Comes The Sun
+ The One I Love
+ Dear Elizabeth

Ok, now back to your regularly scheduled Daily Journal updates …

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