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In the wee hours after Casey and Langhorne’s wedding, it seemed like a good idea to group blog. What follows is roughly that, plus a collection of the evening’s best and most random quotes.

The Day I Cross-Blogged with Benjamin, by Wes

Benjamin Wagner and I decided, under the influence of marital bliss and pure, cold water in one hand and Yuengling on the other, to cross-blog on this day of when Ms. Stoneburner became Mrs. Shea.

Roll call of those present: Jeff “Crackhead” Jacobson, Ivan Sandomire, Dee, Ms. K, Akshai, Amy Hills, Ed Purchla, Casey No. 2, Chris, Vanessa [sleeping], Jason, Ashley, Jennie, Guy, Mr. Raitz, The Blaze, and random set of locals.

“It has a very sophisticated taste, but it’s hard to drink from such a small bottle.” -Wes re: Grey Goose

“The fact that you didn’t know the name of the band that sings ‘More Than a Feeling,’ adds yet another layer of respect to my opinion of you.” -Benjamin to Ed

“What is more than a feeling? Moving beyond the feeling?” -Magnus

“The waves are absolutely phenomenal outside.” -Jason

After consuming four large pizzas, ranging from meatless to meatful varities, we found ourselves locked into some version of a Hollywood mansion tightly packaged in a sunset-esque beach house. And then Guy began eavesdropping on what I was typing, in an awkward moment, I felt pressed to write to something dramatic and engaging, but was left speechless, lacking the mental capacity to fill holes with words. Guy, really is, the man. Although some find themselves under the false impression they are betterthanelvis (.com), it has been proven this evening that perhaps that notion cannot be maintained. -Ms. K

“The need more cowbell in this song.” – Jeff re: “We’re An American Band”

So there I was, a manchild among the thing that was Big E. He leaned over my shoulder, looking upon my written word with inquisitive eyes, while the girl wearing plaid drank from a cup mixed with garlic-butter and the juice of orange. Sure I was drunk … the flamingos told me that. Bottom line, let’s all tell George Bush to stop sending soldiers to die for oil, because I’m too rich to fight, and guilt is a real bitch.” -Magnus

I am sitting here fighting the urge to fall asleep after eating 10 XL Papa John’s slices and I don’t believe there is a better man than myself. -Guy

Casey + Langhorne + Shea + Stoneburner = The way things ought to be, and the way they are. Great couple of days with great friends, old and new. -Jeff

“I’ve been googled, you know.” -Aaron

In this wonderful beach house we found, among other things, a bottle of ibuprofen that expired in the year Clinton was elected [’92], Advil from the year that Biggie Smalls’ Ready To Die was released [’95], and a box of cellophane from the year Ms. K’s birth [’85]. – Wes

In closing, our nominees for The Greatest Event in Human History:

Wes: My birth
Magnus: Man on the moon
Wes: The song by REM?
Akshai: Fabreeze
Matt: Delta Burke

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