The Tower Of Learning

The sky is extraordinary tonight.

I should be working on my memoir-in-progress, “33 1/3.” I should be working on my new song, “Big Rock Candy Mountain.” I should be paying bills, packing for my trip this weekend, or at least whittling down my Netflix queue.

But I don’t have it tonight. I’m defeated. It’s barely 10 p.m., and I’m out, I’m done, I’m down for the count. My playlist is yawning on repeat from a steady diet of Beck’s beer and Rufus Wainwright.

Work sucked it all out of me. We rolled the project out to the team, and fell flat. A few faulty cables and, “SNAP!” That was it. One dude — a colleague, a friend — turned to me and said, “Ben!?!” And that was it. That’s what echoes. “Ben!?!”

I keep reminding myself that this is a transition, work and life, both. And transitions bring growing pains. Tonight, I ache. And I keep reminding myself that the soreness always dimishes with rest.

So … sleep tight. Dream of huge successes. The sky is extraordinarily limitless, after all.

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