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Um, hi. What the hell was I thinking?

The way I reckon, I’ve spent exactly 30 of the last 60 nights sleeping in my own bed. In the last two weeks, I’ve been home exactly four nights. So WTF!?! Let’s throw a party! In my empty apartment!

Making matters only slightly worse, I violated the cardinal rule of musicianship and left my guitar home when I went to Sundance, when I went to the Grammys, and when I went to Florida. Last time I played it? Three weekends ago. So WTF!?! Let’s play a show!

Adding insult to injury, it would appear that more snow will fall in the next 24 hours than the previous 24 days combined. So WTF!?! Let’s invite everyone I know — and to kick it up a notch — folks I don’t even know, folks who only so much as read my website over to my humble abode!

And you’ve never done it before, WTF!?! Record it for posterity!

Good thinking, dipshit!

I’ve been home from The MTV about an hour. It wasn’t the least stressful day of my eight and a half year career. I got a few new candles, a couple of six packs, moved the two chairs I own out of the way, and hung a little art. I’ve purged a bunch of old files from my laptop — the very machine from which I write to you now — to make room for whatever I record (for f***ing posterity!) tomorrow night. Which was no easy task. Every time I went to delete something I recorded but never released I thought, ‘Wait, what if you die suddenly and tragically? Don’t you want that random f***ing demo released posthumously?’ Eeek. Dude, get over yourself.

So I have about six gigs of hard drive space for whatever I record on the fly tomorrow night, something, I’ll add, that I’ve never attempted. Feeling overwhelmed? Me? Maybe just a little.

Still, you know how I do: I love a challenge. So make a date of it. Just don’t show up at 8:31. If you’re the person who buzzes in the middle of my first song, man, you’re gonna’ get it!

Benjamin Wagner – Solo
Friday, February 25th
103 West 80th Street #5C
Doors 7:30 / Taping 8:30

And absolutely, there will be booze!

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