I’m With Stupid

Why’s the dude in the argyle laughing?

Because you’re all invited over to his apartment!

Ok. I was supposed to perform with Tony and Walker at Alphabet Lounge Friday night. Ends up the house band (as it were) is shooting a DVD. Which the sweetheart who books Alphabet Lounge (she is, really) found out yesterday. I found out shortly there after. “I’d love to discuss a new date,” I said, “But my left hand is on the cell phone, and my right hand is on the steering wheel.”

I was headed to the airport. Headed home.

What to do then? No gig? What will I do with my Friday?

‘Why not play in your living room?’ I thought to myself.

‘Nah, that’s lame,” I countered. (I have these sorts of conversations with myself all the time.)

So I took a straw poll at work. Which is to say, I asked one person. And she said she’d come if I moved it to my apartment. So it is. Moved to my apartment. But you know me. I had to kick it up a notch …

Here’s the deal (bearing in mind that you’re invited):

I’m gonna’ play my set in my apartment (don’t worry, it’s big), and I’m gonna’ record it. There’ll be MP3s online in The Morning Mix by Monday. Live MP3s! From my living room! Sweet!

So here’s the details. Do come on down, er, up.

Benjamin Wagner – Solo
Friday, February 25th
103 West 80th Street #5C
Doors 7:30 / Taping 8:30

Oh, and yes, there will be booze.

Welcome home!

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