I’m relaxing big time down here in Florida, though I have spent plenty of time at my computer. Still, I just can’t seem to find anything eloquent to write.

I’ve done a lot already. I picked up a little sun. I fought off the jones to buy a guitar to play while I’m here. I’ve done a little bit of homework. I’ve run, read, swam, and slept. I’ve watched “8 Mile” on VH1 at least twice. I had a great, late night out on the town with my cousin Bill. I’ve had a few gorgeous afternoons on the beach. I went to a party at the country club. I’ve been set up on two dates in as many days. And I’ve started dreaming again. I can’t remember how long it’s been, but it’s nice to sleep deeply enough to have dreams again. I must be relaxed.

I feel really good. I had a really nice time with a whole bunch of prosperous, successful strangers last night. For a guy constantly wracked with anxiety about fitting in, I felt fine. I’ve had a few moments of reflection today where I’ve thought, ‘Dude, what’s wrong with you? Why are you always doubting yourself?’

Of course, I am on vacation. I have no obligations, no demands, and virtually no schedule. I’m totally relaxed (though my eye is still twitching). But if I can apply just a little bit of this feeling to life when I get home, well … then …

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