What A Life

Today will be different.

I woke early, tossing and turning in my bed until the sun broke through the windows. I jogged in Beverly Hills, taking in the blue sky, the soaring palms, and the waking birds. I turned down Carmelita Street, where I jogged so many years before (in the “Almost Home” era). I reminded myself to fight, to be strong and smart, then sprinted up Doheny to my hotel. I sat a minute watching CNN, ate my granola with strawberries, and read “Los Angeles Magazine.” I stepped out of #236 to tackle the day in earnest. I took the long way to work, the scenic route: Sunset to Bundy to San Vicente to 26th. And cranked KCRW the whole way.

Today will be different. Today will be great. I have willed it to be so.

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