Just A Minute

I woke from a very short, very weird night of dreams at 6:45 this morning. If the sky weren’t so blue, and the buildings painted so brilliantly with morning light, well, then I might just have stayed in bed. But I didn’t.

Yes, I grabbed my camera. Yes, the results are above and to your left. And yes, the photographs demonstrate some degree vanity. But at least I flipped the script, I exposed the process, yunno’, by getting caught “self-timing.” And heck, it ain’t my best photo ever.

Anyway, I was up ’til well after two last night working on what, in Pro Tools anyway, I called “The Meeting Song” (see below). Fortunately for all of us, it ended up with a new title, “Leave Me Alone (For A While).” And while I should have retracked the vocals, and maybe tweaked the harmonies a little bit, well, if I made it perfect, what incentive would you have to be excited about the studio version I release some day? The Morning Mix MP3s are demos after all. But man, I have been surprising myself of late. The drums notwithstanding (I play them well-enough, but I only have a snare in my apartment, so I’m kind of limited), and the absence of bass notwithstanding, I think I’m gettin’ somewhere.

Anyway, like I was saying, I woke up early because my phone was ringing and I was worried it might be work but it wasn’t so I read a while and slept just a little bit more and now it’s almost noon, and I haven’t eaten anything, and I know it’s beautiful outside, and I leave for L.A. tomorrow so I really should stop blogging and start, I dunno’, living?

But I really wanted you to hear the new song. Do have a listen.

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