A Day Moment In The Life

It’s just before noon. I am in the third hour of a senior staff meeting. We are discussing The Next Big Thing, the sheer scope of which leaves me struggling for breath.

I am in a corner conference room on the fourteenth floor. Fifteen floors above, my voice mail remains unchecked since Wednesday. I lean back in my chair and stare eastward towards the St. James Theater. The conversation turns to workflow. I glaze …

Suddenly, the sound of conversation gives way to a melody. Soon I am strumming my guitar in my head. I know what key I’m in. I know what chords I’m playing. I know the drum part. And the words. There’s a great new song, almost fully-formed, playing in my head. I conceal my excitement, and gingerly begin writing down chords, time signatures, and lyrics.

Thirty minutes later, I sneak into my MTV Radio colleague Roger’s empty office. There, perched on a stand, is a Gibson acoustic guitar signed by Kelly Clarkson, The Offspring, Goo Goo Dolls, and more. I dial my number, wait for the beep, and carefully, as not to smudge the autographs, play the verse and chorus into my cell phone.

Before Roger returns, or any of my colleagues notice my absence, I step back into my office. One minute later, my phone rings, and I am called away to another meeting. The message light continues to blink …

This is my life.

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