The Roof Is Leaking

I got to bed late, and woke up a bunch of times. In the darkest hours of night, the cold front blew in.

My rooftop bedroom is little more than three flimsy walls and a sliding glass door. So when the wind began whipping the rain against my windows, I could practically feel it. It was powerful stuff. The walls were creaking under the strain of the gusts. But it was actually quite soothing. I slipped softly off to sleep.

I love wind and rain. When I was a kid, my mom and I used to sit on the front porch and watch thunderstorms roll in. The rhythm of rain on a roof is as comforting as the rumble of a train over rails, or water through rocks. Water dripping on hardwood floor? Not so soothing.

Tap tap, tap tap …

I snapped straight up in bed when I realized my ceiling was leaking. My first thought was that my Martin acoustic, twice repaired already, was in a puddle of rainwater. My second thought of my landlord. He spent a week repairing the roof, alleging the leak was due to my brother’s gardening, and insisting that I remove some 100 pounds of dirt. The dirt is gone. The leak?

Tap tap, tap tap …

I zipped down the spiral staircase in my boxers, and looked up at white half-sphere of water pooling and dripping just over the staircase. My guitars were safe. I fumbled for a pan to catch the drops, but ended up with Tupperware. I mopped up the puddle with a fistful of takeout napkins, then ascended the stairs to start my day.

I love Phil Collins from way back before I knew any better. One of his early songs popped into my head in the shower. I downloaded it on iTunes, and listened to it on repeat all the way to work.

The roof is leaking and the wind is howling
Kids are crying ‘cuz the sheets are so cold
I woke this morning found my hands were frozen
I’ve tried to fix the fire, but you know the damn thing’s too old

And me, I’m getting stronger by the minute
My wife’s expecting, but I hope she can wait
‘Cuz this winter looks like it’s gonna’ be another bad one
But spring’ll soon be here, Oh God I hope it’s not late

I’m getting stronger by the minute, but I hope I’m not too late.

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