Let “Love” Rule

We’re going all out for the final show of The Love Below Tour. Join me and the band tonight for a track-by-track run through of “Love & Other Indoor Games” at Alphabet Avenue Lounge. After the show, catch “The Rest of My Life” video premiere at 12″, and stay for the after party.

8:00 PM — Alphabet Avenue Lounge (Ave. C & 7th St.)
10:00 PM — 12″ (179 Essex @ Houston/Stanton)

Having spent the last three weeks playing these songs solo in people’s living rooms, I’m really looking forward to playing the songs with the band. Walker, CJ and I dragged ass up to Tarrytown on Wednesday to rehearse. It took us more time to get up there and back than it did to run the set. They are, hands down, the best group of guys I’ve played with.

It’s all thanks to Tony, who I met via a classified in The Voice over five years ago. He came in for a tryout on bass and rocked it. Plus we clicked. Afterwards he says to me, “I like your music man, and I’m definately in. But I can’t play with that drummer.” So I canned the drummer. And Tony’s really stepped up my game since then, and always come through in the clutch. He was the only person who showed up to help me out on my September 11th benefit single just three days after the Twin Towers fell. And he introduced me to a bunch of great dudes, not the least of which are CJ and Walker.

Anyway, they’re all great. And the show will be too. We’re playing eight of the ten songs from “Love,” and two oldies-but-goodies. Plus we’re premiering the video at the after party. It came out unbelievably. My brother took some fairly rough DV footage and turned it into art. It’s cheesy art, but that’s my fault. I scripted it, and wrote the shot list. But yunno’ what? Mr. Rogers wouldn’t have it any other way. Nor would I. There’s plenty of cynicism and pessimism. I say bring the optimism and joy. And we did. And we will. So don’t miss it!

Don’t Panic

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