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Every album that I’ve ever released has had a pullquote of sorts, a hidden (or not so) lyric that seems to speak for the entire body of work.

Usually the line is hidden somewhere in the liner notes. On ‘Almost Home’ and ‘Love,’ though, they’re a little more prominently featured. It’s not too difficult for me to identify the standout lyric for an album. It’s usually pretty apparent. I just know.

Bloom: All that’s left is all that’s left us
Out of Your Head: Time spent gazing at a circular flight squandered away
Crash Site: What’s left behind to shoulder grows weightless
Almost Home: I’ll meet you when you get here
Love & Other Indoor Games: Spin around until you’ve lost your mind

And so, yeah, this album — again — appears to be about getting out of your head and, as the implication, um, implies, into your heart.

I realized walking home from work tonight that, perhaps, that’s what writhing around on barroom floors and running marathons (and, back in the day, ripping massive bong loads of weed) is all about: getting out of your head.

I spend a lot of time up there, figuring, worrying, assessing, analyzing, rationalizing. And I’m not so sure it does much good. That said, the heart’s kinda’ dangerous too. Maybe doesn’t make the wisest choices.

Logos vs. Eros.

I’m not sure which makes the best choices: head or heart. As if they’re seperate to begin with. And I’m not sure the answer’s out there, in the stars or otherwise.

I think it’s in here. Somewhere.

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