The Next Big Thing

Ok, fun’s over.

I enjoyed my post-marathon day off yesterday. I weatherproofed the apartment a little bit (and not a moment too soon) and went for my annual post-marathon massage (mmmmmm), but basically, I ate, drank, and watched tv.

You may recall that Chris and I threw out our television (which is to say got rid of cable) over ten years ago. Well, under mandate from The Man (“Working for a major cable network without cable is getting a little old, Ben”), I caved. I am now the proud owner of Time-Warner’s D-TV package: 99 bucks, 200 channels, and not a cotton pickin’ thing to watch. Generally, I end up landing on all the channels associated with your basic public radio supporter: PBS, IFC, Sundance, Bravo.

But it’s back to the MTV this morning, where the hard cold reality that I have a new CD coming out in two weeks hit hard. The postcards arrived. The buttons are in. The master went out yesterday. The art is approved. Now I have two weeks to rehearse the band, generate just a little bit of press, get people to come to the disc release (November 23d at The Canal Room!), to iron out details on The Love Below Tour (it’s an Outkast reference), and to get people excited about the whole thing.

All of which is kinda’ absurd. Because I also have two Smith Family gigs this week, and a wedding in Las Vegas this weekend. Oh yeah, and my day job. And damned if my calves aren’t still sore.

So, like I said, back to work.

P.S. Yes, I’ve been wearing the same clothes since Friday. Though I did shave.

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