Wishing Well (Kiss & Tell)

“Well, I moved into a new apartment, mixed a new record, shot the music video, played a show, and kissed a girl. So yeah, I’d say it was a pretty good weekend.”

That’s me on the elevator this morning answering a colleague’s inquiry. And ok, ok, truth be told, the girl I kissed was humoring me, being that we were on camera and all, but still. It was a great kiss. It was a great kiss on the cheek, but it was a great kiss.

So yeah, it was a pretty good weekend. I’ll spare you the “summary” post. You know the type: “I did this, then I did that, then I did this.” Instead, I offer a few snapshots:

It’s Friday evening. The movers have left. The cable guy has left. I am alone on my roof deck. I have a beer in my left hand. I am watching the sunset beneath more sky than I have seen in ten years of living in New York City.

It’s Saturday night. I am on stage with The Smith Family. Kevin is singing “Kalija.” We look at each other and crack up. He fumbles a lyric. We nail the harmony, holding it for four measures. I’m wearing a blue knit sherpa hat. The tassle spins around as I bang my head … to country music.

It’s Sunday morning. Chris, Ethan, our friend Mark and I are walking to the diner — three men and a baby. Ethan sprints ahead, chasing his green ball and climbing up everything he sees. He spies a young man playing an electric piano on the corner of 79th Street. He pauses, eyes agape, falls still,and takes it all in quietly.

It’s Sunday afternoon. Christ Hart, Jonathan Goldner, Jenny, Chris, Ethan and I are shooting a scene for the ‘The Rest Of My Life’ music video. The treatment (in a nutshell): “Young couple moves into new apartment. Hilarity and happiness ensues.”

So we’re all on 81st Street just north of the Natural History Museum. Jenny and I are sitting on a park bench as the guys set up the shot. Tourists are staring at us there in the center of our modest two camera shoot, and I whisper to Jenny, “Hey thanks for doing this, I really appreciate it. I’m really lucky.”

I am really lucky. And I really do appreciate it.


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