Mud On My Face

A true story in three parts as told to Fish

MTVitamin: hey get this
MTVitamin: last night kev and i worked until after midnight
HLH: is it done?
MTVitamin: no, we mixed ‘the rest of my life’ and started on ‘long shot’
MTVitamin: so…
MTVitamin: i took the N/R to times square, the 2/3 to 72d
MTVitamin: and walked
MTVitamin: i go to the corner deli and get a gatorade and frozen yogurt
MTVitamin: chocolate with bits of cookie dough and brownie
HLH: yum
MTVitamin: i’m a little bombed at this point
MTVitamin: so i get home and realize that i have no spoons on account of having just moved and all
HLH: awww
MTVitamin: i consider using a screwdriver or some tool
MTVitamin: but end up squeezing the carton and forcing it up like one of those orange push up bars
HLH: you
HLH: are
HLH: such
HLH: a
HLH: bachelor
MTVitamin: meanwhile i’m watching “kurt & courtney” on trio
MTVitamin: me, alone, in my big white empty apartment cast blue from the tv with chocolate all over my face
MTVitamin: hilarious
MTVitamin: or pathetic
MTVitamin: or both
HLH: hilarious
HLH: mostly hilarious
MTVitamin: wait, it get’s worse
HLH: impossible!
MTVitamin: i used my fingers to paw at the bottom of the carton
MTVitamin: like some wild animal who’s broken into a campsite and stolen the camper’s food
MTVitamin: terrible
MTVitamin: BUT i just went running
MTVitamin: so all is not lost
MTVitamin: i think i’m going to post this as today’s post
HLH: that’d be pretty funny
MTVitamin: instead of the whole “the packing tape sounded like screeching jets spilling hyper-expensive rocket fuel all over my apartment” post i had planned
HLH: let them see your chocolate covered side
MTVitamin: maybe that’s a bad idea
MTVitamin: the chocolate covered side isn’t very rocknroll
HLH: but it is REAL
MTVitamin: too bad
MTVitamin: i had this wicked hot photo from the studio ready to post
HLH: all touched up ;)
MTVitamin: meanie

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