Leaving Hell’s Kitchen

If you happen to be some rabid, ‘Fatal Attraction’ type fan of my music, tonight would be a good night to pick through my trash. Say you wanted a free copy (or twenty) of 1996’s ‘Out of Your Head’? They’re out there for the takin’…

I kind of marvelled when I reached the point in the closet where old, unsold CD were stored. I have (er, had) lots of ‘Out of Your Head,’ which was kind of depressing for a second until I thought, ‘Well, that record kinda’ sucked, so what the F.’

Most of what I’ve packed thus far (save for wrapping my dishes in boxer shorts and tshirts) is media: vhs, cassettes, dats, cds, minidiscs, beta tapes, floppy discs, zip discs, DVs, Hi8s. Man, you name the format, and Chris and I recorded some shit on it. God knows what shit. And only God will know, ‘cuz a lot of it is headed for the trash.

Found & Rescued:
My 10th grade performance of ‘Pippin’ (VHS)
My Conestoga Sr. High School’s Lunch Munch performance (VHS)
Original ‘She Said, She Said’ music video (from 1994’s ‘Bloom’)
Cassette copy of 1996’s ‘Happy, Not Happy EP’
Long lost “Green Lame Stoned-Faced” press pic from 1997
Slides from 9th grade student council vise president campaign (I won)
Apple Macintosh SE40 (circa 1990)
Two powder blue ruffled tuxedo shirts

Found & Trashed:
Numerous high school photo collages
Assorted mix tapes (title example: “Shine Like It Does”)
Ceased-and-desisted ‘Jackie Chan EP’ (aka ‘The Deluxe EP’)
27 well-used votive candles
Scarcely used hand-me-down golf clubs
CBGB, Mercury Lounge, Arlene Grocery, etc cassettes circa ’97

Found & Debating (ie: Chris You’d Better Claim It Soon):
Neon Lite Beer sign
Martin Backpacker acoustic guitar
Boy Scout frame pack (circa 1979)

Soon To Be For Sale (Any Bidders? I Need The Dough!):
8′ x 5′ cloud mural (painted and signed by yours truly)
Cololection of eight (8) balsa wood gliders
4-panel sun painting (hell, I might throw that in with the above)
Broken-hearted Elvis pastiche (created and signed by yours truly)
Scarcely used 100 watt Crate PA system with Ultimate speaker stands

I really should go though. The movers’ll be here in nine hours, and I haven’t even gotten to the bedroom yet. (Plus I’d really like to catch the end of ‘Donnie Darko’ before I box up the DVD player.)

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