Move On Dot Org

I have lived in this apartment for nearly ten years, longer than any single residency prior. I’m moving in four days of my own volition. I have yet to pack my first box.

I was born in Iowa City, Iowa…

My family moved three weeks later. We lived in Waldorf, Maryland, until I was four. We lived in Indianpolis, IN, for one year. We lived in Chicago, Illinois, for five years. When I was nearly eleven-years-old, my mom, brother and I moved to Berwyn, Pennsylania. Five years later we moved to Devon, Pennsylvania. I attended Syracuse University for four year and lived in in four different homes. Afterwards, I moved to Saratoga Springs, New York, with my brother. A year and a half later, in February of 1996, Chris and I moved to New York City, and into this apartment.

My cellist friend Julia Kent came over this afternoon to track a few cello parts for ‘Love And Other Indoor Games.’ She played on ‘Crash Site’ and ‘Almost Home,’ and has occassionally performed on stage with me. Anyway, my place looked like a bomb had gone off so, on account of my home studio being in my bedroom and all, I had to tidy up. I basically did a bunch of folding, piling, and stuffing, and before long, the place looked pristine. Everything was in order. Everything was in its right place. Now, I keep looking around thinking, ‘Geez, this place is allright. I hate to move.’

No wonder I haven’t packed a box. No wonder I hate to move. It took me thirty-three years to stop moving. It took me thirty-three years to find a home.

I’m going to leave some things behind: my collegiate-looking futon in the livingroom, the crates that have functioned as a dresser, the 100+ race numbers nailed to the wall, the 8×5′ cloud mural and framed Elvis collage over my bed…

It’s time. Something is changing. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve got to do it. I don’t know where to fall, but I know it’s comfortable there.

* * *

I uploaded the first installment of Friends of Benjamin Wagner Deluxe, LLC, Bonus Materials for those of you who kindly pitched your donations for my new recording. If you had done so — and it’s not to late if you haven’t! — you might be listening to Julia and my exclusive cover of America’s ‘Sister Golden Hair.’ It’s good shit.

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