Pleased To Meet Me

I woke up, launched ProTools, and began recording. Then I took a cab to Control One Studios and worked on my new record, ‘Love And Other Indoor Games.’ When I got home, yup, you guessed it, I recorded some more.

What is wrong with me?

(That’s rhetorical. Spare me your emails.)

Tony and I re-recorded ‘Something New’ (aka ‘New Something,’ which I decided was obtuse for obtuse’s sake, so I re-named it) from scratch in under an hour. I overdubbed tamborine, a shaker (surprise!), and a solo (now that’s a surprise!) in single takes. And it was done.

Later (after a Subway sandwich and a lot of time spent going in circles searching for a keyboard part for ‘The Rest Of My Life’), John Rosenblatt joined us on tabla. When ‘St. Anne’ is done, it’ll have tabla, mandolin, and cello. Pretty disperate sounds. Still, it’s got a terrific, wide-open groove. I listened to it tonight on shuffle with some of my older records and was pleased at how effortless it sounds in contrast. As if making music for me was as simple as breathing. Or sneezing (natch, Courtney Taylor).

This record’s gonna’ be great. And I’m gonna’ be fine.

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