Please Sing Along

In a massive excavation of all of my previous recordings, I found gobs of goodies for the Friends of BWD, LLC. And I found more. A whole lot more.

It might seem a little shameless, my recent pluggs for my new CD, my (as Ted calls it) “Ginsue Knife Special” approach to fundraising (see below, and above right). And I suppose it is. But you have to understand that it’s kinda’ fun for me too. Whether I have an audience of 200, or 2 million, I love sharing my work. I dunno’ why, exactly (gimme’ a few more years on the couch). But as long as I’ve taken the time to write and record something, I want people — I want YOU — to hear it, and hopefully be moved by it, angered by it, or whatever.

All that, plus I’m in fairly massive debt.

So it’s been a lot of fun rummaging through the boxes upon boxes of tape trying to find cool new stuff to share (in addition to the cool new record I’m recording now). Sometimes it’s a pleasent surprise. Like finding ‘Hero In Me.’ I was like, ‘When did I write that? Shit ain’t bad!’

Anyway, thanks to all of you who’ve helped out by pitching in. It’s wicked cool to feel like your friends — some of which you’ve never met — have your back. And, well, I have your back too. Check out what I found in the vast Benjamin Wagner Deluxe, LLC archives for your Exclusive Friends of BWD, LLC MP3™ downloading pleasure (aka, here’s what you’ll get for your twenty bucks):

‘The Christopher Street EP’ (2003)
The Rest Of My Life
Christopher Street
Untitled No. 1

Misc. (1999-2004)
Swallowed By The Cracks
Hero In Me
Dear Elizabeth (Live 8/8/01)
World Leader Pretend (Live 9/25/01)
Difference (Live 9/25/01)
If I Could (with Deena Goodman)

‘Always Almost There’ (1993)
Crossing To Safety
Wax & Feathers

Yunno’, songwriting is basically journaling with a guitar. You learn as much in the writing of it as you do in the reading and re-reading (or listening and re-listening) of it. In that, it’s all useful, and all fun. I’m glad I have both journaling and songwriting. Not that it’s helped me figure my shit out any faster. Or has it? Guess I’ll never know. But at least I can sing along to my issues.

And so can you.

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