Dinner At Eight

I’m in the iso booth, headphones on, strumming a second voicing to ‘Long Shot’ on my Martin and I think, ‘Huh, this sounds like a rocknroll record.’

Kev and I spent a few hours in the studio tonight adding some incidental parts to the new record. Here’s the latest news:

The title of the record is ‘Love And Other Indoor Games.’ It’s a Judy Blume reference.

‘Love And Other Indoor Games’ will be officially released on Tuesday, November 23. I’ll be performing a CD release show with Tony, Todd, and Chris at the Canal Room, then embarking on a brief Northeast solo tour.

The record’s going eleven tracks: just added, my new song ‘The Greatest Weight.’ I tried not to write while I was making this record for just this reason, but I like the song, and I think it fits. So for the first time in my career, I’m releasing an album with an odd number of songs.

The first half of the record’s about falling in love. The second half of the record’s about falling out of love.

Tony (bass), Chris (guitar), Kevin (engineer) and I are wrapping major tracking on Saturday. After that, Kev and I have one more session for backing vocals and random sounds. Then we mix. It’s scheduled to be mastered November 4.

Photographer extraodinaire Stephanie Klein is shooting the album cover on Sunday in Soho. The image will be an homage to a classic singer/songwriter album cover. That’s all I’m sayin’.

The liner notes are going to be eight pages, including lyrics, photos, and an excerpt of my novella ‘Handshake Drugs & The Social Registry.’

I’m also releasing a 16-song “greatest hits” record from my college band, Smokey Junglefrog, before the holidays. So I’m working on that too.

I’m still soliciting capital support (ie: money) for the making of ‘Love And Other Indoor Games.’ Pitch in $20 (please) and, in addition to a free copy of unreleased MP3s (including the entire ‘Christopher Street EP,’ a recently recorded duet with Deena Goodman, and other goodies), plus a big thank you in the liner notes, you’ll get the first listen to the CD at an exclusive, in-studio, private listening party on Monday, November 1.

Am I tired? Hell yeah. Accordingly, Kev and I evolved to take tomorrow night off, especially seeing as I have a 20 mile marathon training run on Saturday morning.

Am I excited? F’ yeah. Shit’s gonna’ rock your socks off.

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