Gigantic (A Big, Big Love)

What a gas it was to see ’em.

If you had told me, say, yesterday, that I would be doing an eeny meeny between the Teen People party at Chateau Marmont, “I Love Huckabees” premiere at The Grove, or Pixies at the Greek, well, I wouldn’t have believed you. That I started my Wednesday at a breakfast meeting with a bunch of Paramount Picture big wigs, and ended it watching the Pixies tear through “Where Is My Mind,” well, that’s just wack.

In the end, I don’t even know what to tell you about it all. The Pixies changed my life. Smokey Junglefrog covered soooo many Pixies songs in soooo many sweaty attics, but I could never scream like Frank. So there I was standing in the pit smiling from ear to ear. I almost couldn’t believe it. Kim Deal is my new old crush. So cute. So cool. And Frank Black? Still got it. Really, a phenomenal, relentless, amazing show. The MTV News interview beforehand wasn’t so bad either. Nice to see the kids getting along.

In between? The MTV Movies dog and pony show (I was the pony), lunch with some MGM colleagues (best sushi EVER: Hamasaku on Santa Monica & Supulveda), bumping into John Voight in the MTV offices, and plenty of time on The 10. Miraculously, I know my way around this ridiculously massive town pretty darned well. And John Voight? Pretty tall.

Yeah, so, tomorrow night: The Red Eye. I leave LAX at 10 p.m. and arrive JFK at 6 a.m. Then it’s off to the Upper West to help my brother move, Control One Studio to work on the record, and 18 miles in Central Park. Yunno’ what? I’m looking forward to it all.

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