Borough Of Bad Decisions, Part II

The Smith Family made me do it.

Nah, I behaved. I mean, kinda’. No whiskey river. No car service. Home by, well, 1:30. My new rule is that when Scotty ‘Booty Call’ Cunningham leaves a gig, that’s my two minute warning. Two hours later, Heather (link! link! link!) and I were waiting for our respective 2s and 4s across the East River. I’ll tell ya’ that in ten years of NYC, I’m pretty sure I’ve never fallen asleep on the subway. Until tonight. I stepped on some dude’s toe getting off the train. Ooops! (He’d have kicked my ass were it not for the subway doors closing.)

The thought that I might have been leaving New York for three weeks in 26 hours is impossible. Thanks goodness I reduced my trip to L.A. to seven days/six night. Much as I love the Santa Ana’s, there’s no way I could do a minute longer. And there’s no way I could do Quantas for fourteen hours.

No, Brooklyn not withstanding, I thing I’ve entered the Borough of Better Decisions. That is, excepting my midnight snack of Dannon Light ‘N Fit White Chocolate Raspberry flavor yogurt. I mean, whoever heard of white chocolate yogurt?

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