Sleep Now In The Fire

I woke to the dulcet tones of Dick Cheyney and The Booing Republicans on the clock radio this morning. What a buncha’ jerks.

I walked to work down a near-silent Ninth Avenue, the traffic choked to a trickle by orange cones and fresh-from-the-academy cops. I was stopped cold on 45th Street by a phalanx of jackboot-wearing pigs on bikes sweeping past a bomb truck. A canine patrolman with his German shepherd eyeballed me as I passed the Marriott across the street from 1515. Was it something I wore? Too Ché, perhaps? Too Castro? Too Williamsburg?

Listen, I may not be battin’ for the same team, but frankly, I thought Guiliani’s GOP speech was pretty good, even if I don’t agree with his vision of spreading freedom via force. (First, I think freedom should spread itself. Second, I think we oughta’ just own up and stop acting like freedom and capitalism are the same thing.) But man, when I heard Cheney and all that booing and negativity and all that focus on the campaign , not what’s best for the world, all I could think is, ‘Maybe I’m not doing enough here.’

I was out Tuesday night with some folks who were protesting and such. I appreciate their efforts, but think it’s a little naive. I’m not sure it affects any change, especially when dismissed as “focus grouping” (nicely put, Dubya). I’ve long contended that all I can do is vote, and encourage others to vote. But I’m not sure. Maybe they’re doing the right thing, the only thing. I’m not sure.

So I cued up a new as-of-yet untitled Playlist. In doing so I realized how little politically minded music I possess. Hmmm…

‘Sleep Now In The Fire’ – Rage Against The Machine
‘2+2=5’ – Radiohead
‘Weapons Of Mass Distortion’ – Crystal Method
‘Let It Bleed’ – Rolling Stones
‘Begin The Begin’ – REM
‘Higher Ground’ – Stevie Wonder

So… I dunno’ the outcome. I just know I’m finally a little pissed off, and ready for these meanies to hit the road.

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